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The 'Endgame' Heavy Tank Challenge was an FD Scale challenge held in 2020. It was set up by Kiwi Imperialist

The original thread can be found here:

The introduction of the Tiger I heralded a new era for the heavy tank. The lumbering beasts of yesteryear gave way to truly fearsome machines. At the same time, however, the role of the heavy tank began to diminish. The main battle tank eventually appeared at the forefront of armoured warfare and the heavy tanks of the 1950s - Conqueror, M103, T-10, AMX 50 - soon came to represent a last gasp of the concept. This swansong of the heavy tank will be our focus. You are asked to draw a fictional heavy tank which entered service in or after 1942. It may serve in the armed forces of a real-life nation, or one of your own creation. Welcome to the 'endgame' heavy tank challenge! Please read the challenge rules relating to submissions and drawings.

Design Requirements

   Your submission must depict a heavy tank which first entered service during or after the year 1942.

Challenge Rules

   Each participant may submit up to three images.
   Every image must be an FD template modified to include the participant’s art. Templates which include a data sheet are allowed.
   No more than three views are allowed in each image.
   All views within a single image must depict the same individual tank at the same point in time.
   A textual description accompanying each submission is allowed, but not necessary.
   Off-topic posts will be reported to the relevant authorities.
   All drawings should be in FD scale.

This challenge will run until the 24th of October, ending at 23:59 UTC-12 (International Date Line West). A countdown timer can be found at this link.

A poll will be held after this date. Members of the Shipbucket community will have an opportunity to score, on a scale of 1 to 10, each submission in the following categories:

   Drawing Quality - The overall quality of the drawing. One might consider detailing, shading, and accuracy.
   Design Realism - How realistic is the design presented? Any accompanying text may be considered.
   Originality - Does the submission present a new and unique design, or is it a copy of an existing one?

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