DXN-963 Spruance

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The Virginia class DLG was a ship often designated as DXGN, a nuclear powered DXG destroyer. The DXG destroyer would have a lot in common with the DX, what would become the Spruance class. The idea of the DX was even that it could be updated to DXG weapon and sensor systems, if required. (See project DX for more information on this)

So, alternatively, you could say that the DX weapon systems and abilities would fit on the DXG hull with ease.... so how about DXGN? The result of me trying to answer that question is below :P DXN-963 Spruance 1976.png DXN-963 Spruance Modernisation scheme.png

Unlike on the virginia class, where the helicopter facilities were added relatively late in the design, I started out with Spruance-like helicopter facilities, inspired by the ones on CGN-42. The superstructure position and part of the mast arrangement was defined by the need to be able to refuel the D2G reactors, so while this superstructure is all new drawn, it has the same position on the hull as the original. The result is, in my opinion, an excellent warship that would be worth the investment.

I wonder if this ship is politically possible to build for a navy though. Apart from the question of enough funding, nuclear warships were often set to higher requirements thanks to their large size and high costs. The wish to put more on such a platform often increased the cost and size again, leading to an ever increasing spiral. The Spruances were criticized to look underweaponed and to be too expensive for their task and armaments. While this was later taken back after their performance was proving the critics wrong, these DXN's would probably get a lot more critics to worry about, even if their construction would be approved.

I will be looking into an full DXGN conversion, but unlike the Litton DX design we all know as the Spruance this ship would not get to keep it's full helicopter facilities if an aft Mk 26 mod 1 would be fitted. We know from the issues with the CGN-38 class that an Aegis version is not possible unless the hull is enlarged, so I will leave that one alone.

Well, I'm curious about your thoughts on this design and it's possibilities, let's hear it :P