EOC 16 inch/45 Mark I naval gun (1911)

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EOC 16"/45 naval gun conjectural design.


By 1908 the Brazilian economy was in trouble and with the advent of the Orion class super-dreadnoughts, the Brazilian battleships were now outclassed. On 7 May 1910 the head of their naval commission in Britain asked Armstrong to stop work on the third ship and to develop designs for a more powerful ship.¹ The Design 684 was proposed to have as Main battery eight 16"/45 in twin turrets mounted on the Centerline. Guns of this caliber had not yet been adopted by any navy when it was proposed by Armstrong. No prototypes were made for this gun.

Gun Characteristics
Designation EOC 16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark I
Date of Design 1911
Date of Service None Built
Gun Weight N/A
Gun Length Overall 18.8976 m(744 in) estimated
Bore Length 18.288 m(720 in) estimated
Rifling Length 14.8336 m(584 in) estimated
Rate of Fire N/A

Used on

  • Armstrong First class Battleship Design Nº 684 to 686

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[¹] From the book "The British Battleships 1906-1946" by Norman Friedman