EOC 9.4 inch/50 naval gun

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EOC 9.4"/50 naval gun conjectural design.


By 1908 the Brazilian economy was in trouble and with the advent of the Orion class super-dreadnoughts, the Brazilian battleships were now outclassed. On 7 May 1910 the head of their naval commission in Britain asked Armstrong to stop work on the third ship and to develop designs for a more powerful ship.¹ The Design 684 was proposed to have as secondary battery six 9.4"/50 in twin turrets, one turret each side and one mounted amidships. No prototypes were made for this gun.

Gun Characteristics
Designation EOC 9.4"/50 (23.8 cm) Marks I & II
Date of Design 1911
Date of Service None Built
Gun Weight N/A
Gun Length Overall 12.2961 m(484.1 in) estimated
Bore Length 11.938 m(470 in) estimated
Rifling Length 9.9085 m(390.1 in) estimated
Rate of Fire N/A

Used on

  • Armstrong First class Battleship Design Nº 684 to 686

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[¹] From the book "The British Battleships 1906-1946" by Norman Friedman