Mk 12 Talos GMLS

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Mk 12 Talos GMLS.png


The Mk 12 GMLS was fitted on the Albany class cruisers, which were rebuilds of Baltimore and Oregon City-class heavy cruisers. The first installation was commissioned in 1961, on the Albany Class. The last Mk 12 GMLS was decommissioned in 1980.

The GMLS was used only with the RIM-8 Talos missile.

The Mk 12 is the ultimate Talos Missile launcher. The magazine has place for 52 Talos missiles, although a double magazine variant with 104 missiles was proposed. The launcher used with the Mk 12 GMLS is the Mk 7 Dual-arm Talos launcher.

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Part description

The drawing has the belowdeck installation drawn in, which requires covering for use on a finished Shipbucket drawing. Red lines show (some of) the deck levels around the installation.

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