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The Mk 76 GMFCS (Guided Missile Fire Control System) was first fitted on the Long Beach and Coontz class in 1961. The fire control system was designed for use with the RIM-2 Terrier missile.

The Mk 76 FCS was composed of 2 AN/SPG-55 per launcher installation coupled to the MK 152 Fire Control System computer. In addition, the system worked with information from the ships search radars for target acquisition and intercept.

All ships using the Mk 76 FCS used an Mk 10 GMLS, however it is not impossible that earlier launchers could be supported. after the NTU (New Threat Update) of some of the Terrier ships, their Mk 76 fire control system was updated to Mod 10. This allowed the ships to fire RIM-67 Standard ER missiles and allowed them to follow fire command and guidance from AEGIS ships. The ships could fire their missiles without turning on the SPG-55 radars when they were guided by an AEGIS ship.

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As the fire control system itself (the computers) are not visible in a shipbucket drawing, the part image on this page shows a compilation of the parts directly connected to this fire control system. These can also be found on their own pages.

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