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The Mk 77 GMFCS (Guided Missile Fire Control System) was first fitted on the Galveston class cruisers, which were rebuilds of Cleveland class cruisers. The first installation was commissioned in 1958. The same system was used on all Talos ships. The FCS was used only with the RIM-8 Talos missile.

The Mk 77 FCS, designed for the control of RIM-8 Talos missiles, was composed of the AN/SPG-49 Target Tracking Radar, the AN/SPW-2 Missile Guidance Radar, the MK 111 Fire Control System computer and PDP-8 surface trajectory computer. In addition, the system worked with information from the ships search radars for target acquisition and intercept. On the Galveston class this was for example AN/SPS-30 and AN/SPS-43 for aerial targets and AN/SPS-10 and the Mk 37 Gunfire Director for surface targets.

Each launcher installation (either Mk 7 Talos GMLS or Mk 12 Talos GMLS) had 2 AN/SPG-49 radars assigned to track 2 targets and illuminate them. The AN/SPW-2 radars operated independently from the SPG-49 so the missile could be aimed at a point ahead of the current position of the target. The SPW-2 guidance beam was followed until the missile was near the target, where the missile was switched to homing mode and followed the AN/SPG-49's signal, reflected off the target.

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As the fire control system itself (the computers) are not visible in a shipbucket drawing, the part image on this page shows a compilation of the parts directly connected to this fire control system. These can also be found on their own pages.

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