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This page lists good sources about components that could be used on Shipbucket. Feel free to add to this list. Try to keep sources that focus on only one component on the page describing that component, this page is for more general sources. Do note that links to illegal copies of books will be removed.

Internet sources

NavWeaps is the leading site on naval weapons, especially guns.

The Big Book Of Warfare A big reference website with info on everything related to warfare, weapons and military technology.

US Navy Radio Communications - 1950s & 1960s

World War II ship camouflage measures of the United States Navy

NAaB a naval armor and ballistics program.

Ballistic Minitool is a very useful tool for calculating gun data

Model Warships Forum

Gun Mount & Turret Catalog - US Navy

Naval History & Heritage Command image search - good for finding high-res photos of ships

SpringSharp, the infamous ship design tool

NavSource - photographic history of the US Navy

Researcher@Large - Pacific War research site - database of USN ship camouflage by ship and by design

USN Dazzle - resource for USN dazzle camouflage in WWII


  • Norman Friedman
  • Conway's All The World's Fighting Ships

Other sources