Post-war Design 1047 BC

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This battlecruiser design follows from an what-if scenario where the Design 1047 battlecruisers were actually laid down and actually got some work done before the German invasion in may 1940.


Original design

The 2 1047 battlecruisers were under construction when Germany invaded in 1940. the first ship was completed up to the main deck level. The second ship was completed up to waterline level. The German navy wanted to finish these ships instead of the P class cruisers. For this reason, the guns removed from the Gneisenau were shipped to the Netherlands for installation in the new ships.

Postwar Completion

1047 Class, as completed in 1953

Construction on the 2 battlecruisers did not go forward very much during the German occupation of the Netherlands, and postwar the first hull was almost completely as pre-war. However, the main gun turrets were still at the yard and there was nearly as much work and money required to complete the first ship as would be required to scrap it. For some years the money was not available to restart construction, however in 1953 the De Zeven Provincien was commisioned as the most state of the art big gun ship in the world.

Armament consisted of:

  • 2*3 280mm/54.5 SK C/34
  • 6*2 120mm/50 Bofors M50
  • 10*1 40mm/60 Bofors #6
  • 1*1 103mm Bofors Lichtraketwerper

Missile Conversion

1047 Class, Karel Doorman, 1956

Carrier Conversion


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