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The Salidan Altiverse, commonly referred to as the 'SAverse', consists of all territories, companies, people, and events that were created by and for the Salidan Altiverse that take place in a slightly altered world. It does not include territories, companies, people, or events that were created by others, ie those of Austellus Hemisphaeria.

The SAverse was created by Ethan Goin.


Primary Countries

Non-RP Countries

A list of countries in the SAverse that have been changed significantly but are not directly managed.

Differences in SAverse vs IRL

Most everything is same as in the real world, but there are small differences that are present in the Salidan Altiverse. Some are a result of Salide itself, while others constitute minor changes in history.


Texas has been independent since its independence in 1836 and did not join the United States. It is in a close alliance and partnership with the Rio Grande Republic, which gained its independence in the 1840s.

Pan-American Highway is completed, including that at the Darien Gap.

United States

Since Texas is not a part of the Union, Puerto Rico is the 50th state.


Nicaragua has a canal and railway, which was built by Salidans in 1900 (canal completed in 1911), preceding the Panama Canal by several years.


The European Union is a bit different than its IRL counterpart. The highest powers of the EU are not appointed, but elected. Rather than being elected by the people, they are instead elected by the members of Parliment of all member states. As well, the European Union is not as restrictive as IRL and not every nation is forced to follow the rules of the Union.

United Kingdom

The British Confederation is an alternate to the UK, consisting of a united and independent Ireland, an independent Scotland, an independent Wales, and an independent England.