Type 25 / Chatham Class Frigate

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  • Displacement: 3,500 tons standard, 4,100 tons fully loaded
  • Dimensions: 412 feet long, beam 48ft 6ins, draught 19 ft (over sonar dome)
  • Gun Armament: Two 20mm Oerlikon L/75AA in GAM-BO1 single mountings
  • Missile Armament: Three sextuple BAe Sea Wolf launchers (45 missiles) and two qaudruple Harpoon launchers (8 missiles)
  • Torpedo Armament: Two triple 12.75in A/S STWS-2 torpedo tube mountings (18 Stingray or Mk 46 A/S torpedoes)
  • Aircraft: One EH101 or Lynx HAS. Mk.2/3 in a hangar aft (Skua ASMs and Stingray A/S torpedoes)
  • Electronics: One Type 967/968 air/surface search radar, one Type 1006 navigation radar, two Type 911 fire-control radars used in conjuction with two GWS 25 Mod 3 SAM fire-control systems, one Sea Archer * * gun-fire control system, two chaff launchers, four Sea Gnat decoy launchers, one Type 2031 passive towed sonar array, one Type 2050 bow active/passive search and attack sonar, one Type 182 towed torpedo decoy system, one CACS 5 action information system, two Type 970 jammers, UAA-1 Abbbey Hill ESM, Link 11 and 14 datalinks and two SCOT satelite communication systems
  • Propulsion: COGAD arrangement. Diesel-Electric cruise powerplant which is very quiet, has no mechanical connection to propellers and diesels are above watelrine to further reduce noise, electric drive also increases endurance and the generators drive the propellers and the electrical system. Four Paxman Valenta 12 RPA 200 CZ diesels delivering 7,000hp and two RR Spey SM1A for fast running delovering 34,000hp * to two shafts.
  • Performance: 28 kts clean fast, 20 knots electric cruise; range 8,500nm at 15 kts
  • Complement: 12 + 146 with a maximum of 17 + 188 possible


  • HMS Chatham (F90), Yarrow, commissioned April 1987
  • HMS Coventry (F91), Yarrow, commissioned June 1988
  • HMS Cornwall (F92), Cammell Laird, May 1988
  • HMS Campbelton (F93), Swan Hunter, Jan 1989
  • HMS Crystal, Yarrow (F94), Nov 1989
  • HMS Consort, Yarrow (F95), June 1990
  • HMS Chieftan (F96), Swan Hunter, Aug 1989
  • HMS Comet (F97), Cammell Laird, Nov 1989
  • HMS Contest (F98), Yarrow, Aug 1990
  • HMS Crusader (F99), Yarrow, May 1991
  • HMS Crown (F100), Swan Hunter, Oct 1990
  • HMS Cumberland (F101), Cammell Laird, Dec 1991