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SBWiki uses the same wiki engine as Wikipedia. Creating and managing articles on SBWiki is identical to editing Wikipedia.

Creating a page

Use the "Create a page" box on the Main Page, or enter your new page name in the search box at the top left. This will route you to a blank page you can start editing.

Wikipedia markup and formatting

As SBWiki uses the MediaWiki platform, formatting is the same as Wikipedia. Consult Help:Formatting for details.

File uploading

Any registered user can upload files, using the "Upload file" link on the left menu. Please make sure to categorize your images appropriately when uploading. Do not upload copyrighted images to SBWiki. Copyrighted images will be deleted.

MediaWiki Commons image use

USS Barb (SS-220) - this image is available on MediaWiki Commons and can be freely linked without having to re-upload to SBWiki.

SBWiki can link directly to images hosted on Wikimedia Commons, using the InstantCommons extension. Please do not upload images from Wikipedia (to save server storage space). Instead, link to them from Wikimedia Commons by using their filename there:

[[Image:USS Barb (SS-220) off Pearl Harbor June 1945.jpg]]

Additionally, all Wikimedia Commons images are public domain.


Wikis rely heavily on Categories for page management and navigation. Consult the Standards page for the categorization schema. Add categories to your articles and file uploads by adding the following text at the bottom of each page:

[[Category:<category name>]]

An article or image of an FD scale tank would show:


Additionally, categories can and should be stacked. The same article (about an FD Scale Personal Designs tank) would show:

[[Category:Personal Designs]] [[Category:Tanks]]

Note: category names are case sensitive. Category:National Flags will create a separate category than Category:national flags. Be thorough.

Infobox templates and tables

If you need infobox templates (fancy tables to show stats about countries, ships, aircraft, etc), contact User:Colosseum for import.

Note on Template:Infobox ship

Template:Infobox ship is one of the most complicated infoboxes available on Wikipedia, and multiple attempts to import it on several different wikis have been unsuccessful. Please use Template:Infobox warship class instead.