Worcester Class TLAM Refit

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CL-145 1991 RC 2.png

The Worcester class light cruisers, laid up in 1958 were sold for scrap in 1972. If they had survived however, they would have represented part of an alternative to the reactivation of the Iowa class. With three Salem and two Worcesters, the USN would have had as many as five large gun TLAM platforms in the 1980s. Seen here in her Operation Desert Shield fit, USS Roanoke and her sister served into the early 1990s before being laid back up with the end of the cold war.

In their late 1980s fit, the light cruisers mounted 32 TLAMs in eight Mk 143 boxes, eight Harpoons in Mk 141 mounts, a single Mk 26 GMLS for Sea Sparrow, and her forward battery of six 6"/47DP guns in three two-gun mounts.