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Armed forces

Anternia is a warrior nation, whose history was shaped by countless wars, today, the country own a massive army that few countries in Aselis could afford . Anternia is mostly known for it's massive navy, however, it's air force is also consequent at the expense of a smaller ground force . The Anternian armed forces are separated into several categories ; Anternian Royal Army is the land force of the Anternian Armed forces , the Anternian Royal Air Force and Anternian Royal Navy protect the skies and the sea of Anternia , all of thoses 3 are under the control of the Anternian Royal Force. Other groups are part of the Anternian armed forces, the Anternian Royal Guard , an elit special forces corps is trained to protect the royal family and the interests of Anternia, the Anternian Coast Guards ensure the waters of the kingdom are respected , under the authority of the Vice-chanceller lies 3 other forces, the Anternian Royal Gendarmerie, the Anternian Royal Militia and the Anternian Royal Carabiniers , in a group known as the Anternian Royal safety guard, a military equivalent to the police . 4 lasts parts protect the country, and are known as the royal dissuasion force, the royal strategic forces control the weapons of mass destruction of Anternia ( they don't control the vehicles that transport thoses however, the royal radio and telecoms forces operate the radars, sonars , broadcast and army channels on the TV and the Anternian composer corps, they are a small corp whose role is to protect and use the OTH radars Anternia own (each named after a composer, whose name come from) , finally, the Royal Defense Corps are in charge of SAM, coastal defenses and etc...

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