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|name=Soveren class {{wp|Battleship|Battleship}}
|name=Imperator Petr Silny class {{wp|Battleship|Battleship}}
|operators=Far Eastern Imperial Navy
|operators=Far Eastern Imperial Navy
|class_before=[[Soveren class Battleship|Soveren class Battleship]]
|class_before=[[Soveren class Battleship|Soveren class Battleship]]

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Image:LK Imperator Petr Silny

Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship
Class overview
Name Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship
Operators Far Eastern Imperial Navy
Class before Soveren class Battleship
Planned 2
Built 2
Active 0
Destroyed 2
General Characteristics
Type Battleship
  • 12400 tons standard
  • 14250 tons full load
Length 122.3 metres (401 ft)
Beam 21.8 metres (72 ft)
Draught 8.4 metres (28 ft)
Propulsion 3 shafts, 3 VTE steam engines
  • 32 Belleville boilers
  • 1,500 ihp (1,100 kW)
Speed 18 kts
Range 4000 nm at 10 kts
Complement 670
  • 2 × 2 305mm/45 KO 1898 g gun
  • 6 x 2 152mm/45 KO 1893 g gun
  • 24 x 76.2mm/40 KO 1900 g gun
  • 8 37mm/40 KO 1893 g gun
  • 3 457mm torpedo tubes
  • Belt: 200-400 mm
  • Deck: 76 mm
  • turrets: 305mm
  • conning tower: 305 mm

  • Development

    (These ships are presented in this section due their historical significance despite neither of them were in service in 1920)

    The emerge of Japan into powerful player in the East Asian region forced Far Eastern Empire to readjust its naval doctrines. It now faced equal opponent in close proximity which was aggressively expanding its own navy. Far Eastern Empire was forced to increase its own naval expenditures and create a fleet that can deter the Japanese navy.

    The new doctrine, drafted after Sino-Japanese war of 1894 called full size battle-squadron of battleships which would be supplemented with the existing units of the Light Squadron. The so called "For the needs of the navy" construction plan called 10 modern battleships to be laid down in period of 1897 -1907. First ships of the new program were two battleships of Imperator Petr Silny class.

    Although the new ships were designed in Far Eastern Empire by the naval technical institute, they shared many common features of contemporary French battleships such as the prominent tumblehome hull and secondary guns fitted in turrets. In service the design proved out to be not so successful. They had some stability issues mainly due considerable top-weight. Both ships were sunk at the Battle of Tsusima in 1905

    Ships in class

    Name Builder Laid down Launch Date Entered Service Fate
    Imperator Petr Silny Voenno-Morskoy verf, Dalny September 1897 June 1899 August 1901 Sunk in 1905
    Muravyov-Amurskiy Novaya verf, Dalny September 1897 July 1899 September 1901 Sunk in 1905

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