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===Battleships (Линейные корабли - Lineynyye korabli)===
===Battleships (Линейные корабли - Lineynyye korabli)===
====[[LK 1914 Proslavlennyy class Battleship| LK 1914 Proslavlennyy class Battleship]]====
====[[LK 1909 Imperatritsa Yelyzaveta class Battleship| LK 1909 Imperatritsa Yelyzaveta class Battleship]]====
====[[LK 1906 Popedonosnyy class Battleship| LK 1906 Popedonosnyy class Battleship]]====
====[[Slavnyy class Battleship| Slavnyy class Battleship]]====
====[[Siyaniye class Battleship| Siyaniye class Battleship]]====
====[[Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship| Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship]]====
====[[Soveren class Battleship| Soveren class Battleship]]====
===Battlecruisers (Линейные крейсера - Lineynyye Kreysera)===
===Battlecruisers (Линейные крейсера - Lineynyye Kreysera)===
====[[Lkr 1917 Zavoyevatel class Battlecruiser| LKr 1917 Zavoyevatel class Battlecruiser]]====
====[[Lkr 1912 Tigr class Battlecruiser|LKr 1912 Tigr class Battlecruiser]]====
====[[LKr 1906 Primorye class Battlecruiser|LKr 1906 Primorye class Battlecruiser]]====
====[[Port Artur class Battlecruiser|Port Artur class Battlecruiser]]====
===Armored Cruisers (Броненосные крейсера - Bronenosnyye kreysera)===
===Armored Cruisers (Броненосные крейсера - Bronenosnyye kreysera)===
====[[Kuril class Armored Cruiser|Kuril class Armored Cruiser]]====
====[[Vladivostok class Armored Cruiser|Vladivostok class Armored Cruiser]]====
====[[Khabarovsk class Armored Cruiser|Khabarovsk class Armored Cruiser]]====
==Cruisers (Крейсера - Kreysera)==
==Cruisers (Крейсера - Kreysera)==

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List of warships in service prior the 1920 revolution. (This is a work-in process, new ships will be included as I get them done.)


Capital ships

Battleships (Линейные корабли - Lineynyye korabli)

LK 1914 Proslavlennyy class Battleship

LK 1909 Imperatritsa Yelyzaveta class Battleship

LK 1906 Popedonosnyy class Battleship

Slavnyy class Battleship

Siyaniye class Battleship

Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship

Soveren class Battleship

Battlecruisers (Линейные крейсера - Lineynyye Kreysera)

LKr 1917 Zavoyevatel class Battlecruiser

LKr 1912 Tigr class Battlecruiser

LKr 1906 Primorye class Battlecruiser

Port Artur class Battlecruiser

Armored Cruisers (Броненосные крейсера - Bronenosnyye kreysera)

Kuril class Armored Cruiser

Vladivostok class Armored Cruiser

Khabarovsk class Armored Cruiser

Cruisers (Крейсера - Kreysera)

1st class Cruisers (Крейсера I-го ранга - Kreysera I-go ranga)

Pegas class heavy cruiser

Shilka class light cruiser

Amur class light cruiser

Pantera class protected cruiser

Rys class protected cruiser

2nd class Cruisers (Крейсера II-го ранга - Kreysera II-go ranga)

Destroyers (Эскадренные Торпедоносцы - Eskadrennyye Torpedonostsy)

ET 1917 g Shkval class destroyer

To 1915 g class torbedoboat (destroyer)

ET 1913 g Amurskiy Sudostroitelnyy Zavod Bizon class destroyer

ET 1913 g Dalzavod Kinzhal class destroyer

ET 1913 g Novaya Verf Brilliant class destroyer

ET 1910 g Oniks class destroyer

ET 1906 g class destroyer

ET 1904 g Akula class destroyer

ET 1899 g Albatros class destroyer

Gunboats (Канонерские лодки - Kanonerskiye lodki)

Koreets class gunboat

Khanka class gunboat

Baikal class gunboat

BKL 1909 g Amurets class class river monitor

RKL 1905 g Udil class class gunboat

Mine warfare vessels (Тральщики и Минные транспорты - Tral'shchiki i Minnyye transporty)

Tikhiy okean class minelayer

Tr 1918 g Maksimovka class minesweeper

Tr 1915 g Rakushka class minesweeper

Submarines (Подводные лодки - Podvodnyye lodki)

BPL 1917 g-class submarine

BPL 1911 g-class submarine

LPL 1911 g-class submarine

PL 1907 g-class submarine