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Image:LK Siyaniye

Siyaniye class Battleship
Class overview
Name Siyaniye class Battleship
Operators Far Eastern Imperial Navy
Class before Imperator Petr Silny class Battleship
Planned 3
Built 1
Active 0
Destroyed 1
General Characteristics
Type Battleship
  • 12100 tons standard
  • 13950 tons full load
Length 124.8 metres (409 ft)
Beam 21.5 metres (71 ft)
Draught 8.4 metres (28 ft)
Propulsion 2 shafts, 2 VTE steam engines
  • 20 Belleville boilers
  • 16,300 ihp (12,200 kW)
Speed 18 kts
Range 5500 nm at 10 kts
Complement 780
  • 2 × 2 305mm/45 KO 1898 g gun
  • 6 x 2 152mm/45 KO 1893 g gun
  • 20 x 76.2mm/40 KO 1900 g gun
  • 8 37mm/40 KO 1893 g gun
  • 3 457mm torpedo tubes
  • Belt: 250 mm
  • Deck: 40-50 mm
  • turrets: 305mm
  • conning tower: 254 mm

  • Development

    (This ship is presented in this section due its historical significance despite it not be in service in 1920)

    Siyaniye was one-off follow-on desing of the earlier Imperator Petr Silny class. Its main visual difference was somewhat longer hull and repositioning of the secondary turrets in evenly on the quarter deck level. Another major improvement was the use of Krupp armour which led significant weight savings. Initially the next series of two battleships were to be repeat design but they had further modifications which made them de facto a seperate class. (see seperate entry).

    Siyaniye was assigned to the 1st squadron based in Pusan at the start of the Far Eastern-Japanese war in 1904. She was hit by torpedo from Japanese surprise attack but was put back on service soon after. In the first battle of Tsusima, where first Squadron attempted to break free from the japanese blockade Siyaniye made heroic "charge" against the japanese battleline to draw the fire away from the Far Eastern Flagship Imperiya. Siyaniye was sunk in the second battle of Tsusima in 1905.

    Ships in class

    Name Builder Laid down Launch Date Entered Service Fate
    Siyaniye Voenno-Morskoy verf, Dalny August 1899 May 1901 February 1903 Sunk in 1905

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