Jasmine Kingdom 450mm/45 Mark "U" M/1925

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Gigantea Class twin Mount.


Developed from the Experimental 450mm/50 Mark "U" M/1919 gun, which was made for the gigantous warships of the Gigantea class, built to Rivalize the slightly larger Mount Sherley battleships class from Nifila-Goeland. This was the largest Caliber ever assembled on a capital ship of the Jasmine Kingdom. It's rounds were so expensive for the Jasmine Industries and the astounding advances of the Nifila-Goeland Engineering that they considered the conversion of the Gigantea Class into a carrier and use their Guns for coastal defenses as those would be no match against their Faster Battleships.

Gun Characteristics
Designation 450mm/45(17.72") Caliber Mark "Único" Modelo 1925
Date of Design 1922
Date of Service 1925
Gun Weight N/A
Gun Length Overall 20.9296 m(824 in)
Bore Length 20.25396 m(797.4 in)
Rifling Length 16.42872 m(646.8 in)
Rate of Fire Gigantea: 1.5 rounds per minute
Coastal Artillery: 2 rounds per minute


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