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In order to keep SBWiki organized, we ask that you adhere to the following standards around page creation, categorization, and image uploading. (TBD)

Category Hierarchy

Please adhere to the following category structure when creating & categorizing your articles. Since SBWiki will never have the amount of articles requiring a massive category structure, it has been simplified in some areas to save space and make it easier to navigate. Please do not make new categories based on the existing Wikipedia category structure as it's overly complicated. Having fuller categories with broader scope is better than having lots of small, detailed categories with only a few articles per page.

Alternate Universe

Personal Designs

Personal designs are categorized by real-life nation only. Personal design drawings made for a fictional nation are AU drawings and should be included in that section.

Component Libraries

The "parts sheets" are available either as full size parts sheets (the originals we know and love), or users can choose to break them out into specific parts (each with their own page).

Image uploading

Use Special:Upload to upload your own images to SBWiki. Please do not upload copyrighted images. Copyrighted works will be removed.